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Friday, April 14, 2006

i know i am the neighbour amongst neighbours...

just call me "aww elle supremo"...when two things happen.

1. trees are removed because they obstruct the view of me and mine.

2. a neighbour moves.

yep bastids came and cut my trees down. i feel naked. like i was yesterday, when i strolled from the bathroom encased in slightly more skin than what i was born with and a head towel. a trio of men leaning on the outside wall of my backyard were discussing some dastardly deed quietly. too quietly. all the while peering into my flat...i hadn’t closed the vertical blinds last night had i. my bad.

i squealed in my mouth and scuttled into the bedroom...re-emerging like it never happened five minutes later...coolly filling the kettle, squinting in an attempt to read lips or uniform insignias. having major success with neither. they hadn’t begun any work yet...now, that should have been my first clue to exactly who they were. heh. so, having bugger all on the who’s and why’s, i peeked out the front window to spy shire work trucks pulling up spewing out platoons of men. okay that’s the who part solved.

but fucken hell, whuts goin on ‘ere aye. i asked myself.

alas before i could answer i had to leave for work. i found the why-for when i returned home. they were tree maimers. my trees are but the merest of stumps, giving privacy to diddily squat and shade to nothing but a dog turd when the sun hits the stump the right way. i am sooo. not. happy. jan. but i will get used to it. as you do. i guess. still they ARE bastids tho.

and yessss the teacher moved out today...so now there is a flat between me and the possible eviction of me. PLUS!!! also less flat dwellers to make the dreaded chitter-chatter with. thank buggery aye. tho for a few hours here today, i lived the quiet life of a mouse pretending i wasn't here...no tv, no radio, no loud key tapping...just in case she crossed my thresh-hold to say goodbye.

don't laugh. some people do that and to virtual strangers nonetheless. hell. not me. i hate goodbyes. besides, people never like the goodbyes i wish to bestow on them *sly look* or they get embarrassed when i burst into great sobbing, snotty tears. i do so like to make people feel uncomfortable. i have been that way myself...often enough. yep, mainly by my own hand. but anyway, share it around is my motto.

heh. heh.

hmmm, might leave the verticals open again tonight. that’ll pain ‘em.
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