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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

so guess what i did today?...

i wagged wednesday workday. yes. yet again. i really don’t know what my bloody problem is with wensdee’s. but oh well a day off at home suits me fine. just means tomorrow will be extra busy and that i mus’nt bitch about it when it is. aww fuckit i’ll still bitch. that’s my entitlement.

so the loin spawn came home with something attached to him the other day. nope...not a dog. nope...not a girl. but a hickey. yep a hickey. oh joy. courtesy of one of the midnight backyard ramblers. so we had the discussion of...“no i’m not mad buuut maaate. really. looks trashy and so do you so DON’T let it happen again”.

knowing full well the chances of it happening again is probably.

the only hickey i can recall ever having was from my older brother’s spunkaay mate thinking it would be funny to hold me down and suck on my neck when i was about fifteen...yep was funny when i managed to knee him in the cod’s in way of releasing his lubra lips from my neck. welll, to me it was then funny. he on the other hand was a tad upset about it. oh well aye.

and now for jackiesue not in any particular order...

to kill a mockingbird
flying high
life of brian
once were warriors
one flew over the cuckoo’s nest
remember the titans
the odd angry shot
rocky horror picture show

i know if i took more time this would never had been completed. amazing how you can think when shitting erm sItting somewhere quietly.
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