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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

after visiting with...

my brother on tuesday i am somewhat relieved that i had the foresight not to go to the parents barbie. namely because i don’t do real good with drunks who annoy the crap out of me by repeating the same boozy complaints over and over.

ohh. just shut the fuck UP!

things do not appear to be travelling happily along in judy and mal’s marriage of a few months...been together for over twenty years and just recently got married...yeah fucked if i know why you would bother exactly after that amount of time. but have a sneaking suspicion it was done because another set of neighbours did it...you know how it goes, all that one-upmanship bullshit. but hey each to their own.

tho i just don’t see the point of clocking up thousands on a credit card just to stick it up someone else. which is exactly what they did...nothing but the [cough] best. pity judy didn’t spend some of the cash matching her neck and arm teeshirt reddish tan line to her strapless dress line. not a particularly alluring sight in a white wedding dress.

so judy got [more] legless and was taken home early on by their eldest daughter which left mal the opportunity to bleat openly about their marital problems. endlessly. repeatedly. again, glad i didn’t bother to go. as i quite like mal but probably wouldn’t so much after having to listen to it. that kinda talk makes me uncomfortable. who wants to have inside knowledge of their sex life or knowing that she has completely gone off her rocker concerning him watching tv.

tv programs that often show the semi-naked female form to which she gives him much grief about. apparently he couldn’t even watch the commonwealth games without her bitching that he was perving at the female athletes etc. maybe he should switch to the football channel to be on the safer side, big boofy blokes in footy shorts should calm her ire...but then again they have the cheer leaders huh.

oh well bet that was a happy household he went home to later on. eh.
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