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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

uh huh these four...

days off i am doing something!!

dunno what exactly it will be that i am doing but dammit i will be doing "it".

now what is it i can do that does not involve planting the arse here in front of the computer. hmmm...

i have to finish off...well start really...the old tarts easter craft activity for tuesday...which entails yes more of that heavenly white powder. again, i have a shit load of them to produce. so lets hope i get cracking on them before monday...or else it will be that running around like a headless chook look.

spose i could de-spider the place. the ceilings and cornices are rife with their webby artwork.

will have to do that cooking bizo as i have the spawn from my loins for five or so nights running. it'll be good to give some structure to my eating habits...not just making do with a vegemite sanga whenever i feel the hunger pangs. so tonight's menu will be crumbed pork, fried tatties and salad. sounds bloody good don't it. why yes it do.

[twenty minutes later]

okay...washing has been hung out on the line.

the loo has been domestofied, de-pubed and scrubbed.

whoa. look at me aye. i so fucking rock. don't think i don't know all youse out there are jealous and so want my happening life. ha. bugger off.

now i deserve a few games of hangman on blogmad. bloody game has sucked me in big time. tho now i do know that uxorious = being foolishly fond of, excessively submissive or devoted to one's wife. so to all you husbands under the thumb out there...that's what you are. u-x-o-r-i-o-u-s. or as we would simply term it...pussy whipped. heh.
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