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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ookay so i managed to stuff...

myself up with doors today. first one was leaving my car keys and office door keys inside my office. soon as i bloody slid the bolt and closed the padlock i thought...oh dear something is missing from my hand. yep missing from my pocket also.

aww shit.

ohhh i have a spare set of keys in my bag...hold on a minute, no i don't...well i do, but beings that i changed the padlock a few months back the spare key for this lock is still sitting near the phone on the other side of the door. hmmmm. fuck i just wanna take me old tarts home and then retreat to mine.

but luckily enough i had done this once before, a year or so back. yes. shut up.

back then, the ex 'the good dick' sawed thru the metal part on the bolts casing enough to prise it open with pliers to remove the padlock gaining me entry. okay no pliers this time...but a trusty spoon handle along with sheer force and the recurring thought of "fuck i just wanna go home" spurring me on, i re-gained entry. managed to bend it back into some semblance, the casing that is...the spoon was fucked...then hid the slit with the padlocks inverted u thingo. okay that'll do until i replace the whole thing with the one i just happen to have sitting on my office floor, the same one i purchased from the last time this happened.

uh huh it pays not to be too hasty...if i had changed it way back when i would have been piggybacking my two oldies home. or at least commandeering a gopher from the oldie hostel next door and ocky strapping them onto the gopher whilst we hit top speeds of five k's an hour allll the waaay home.

so after running into the same shop twice for my oldest tart madge... she remembered she also wanted a tub of ice-cream...gawdluv'er. i drop her off, cart her stuff in, kiss her goodbye and return home. yessss.

goes to unlock my screen door here near the computer. it won't unlock. now don't ask me why i locked it with the key this morning, usually i just push the latch on it. but noooo not this morning i picked up the keys off my desk and used them. now i can not fucking unlock the bastard of a thing. i keep trying...getting snippier all the while. guess i will just have to await 'the good dicks' arrival.

i dunno...some days are golden and some days have golden showers.
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