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Friday, April 07, 2006

so there i laid...

on the lounge around midnight last night. occasionally passing a bottom burp and barking out a laugh at scrubs. when i heard movement out in my backyard. huh. i sit paused with ears straining that sounds bigger than that bastid cat from next door that believes my yard is his outside dunny.

noises cease.

i revert back to my lounge lizard self minus the bottom burps.

heard it again. sit upright peering over the lounge and out thru the glass doors, wondering if i had locked them.

when i spy shadowy movement. closer.

"WHATAREYOUDOING!"...i roar like the freaked out crazy woman that i was.

it is two bloody girls looking for my son.

big mean frowns followed by a curt..."he is asleep in bed"

WTF...is wrong with parents letting their kids wander about town after midnight.

and more to the point letting them wander about in MY backyard.

shew i just amazed myself just then. i have the reflexes of a...a...well buggered if i know but something damn quick. i just snatched a bothersome fly that was let in by the son and his mate clean out of the air as it passed by between my nose and the monitor.

okay time to be getting back to the white powder...or perhaps just a game or two of blogmad's hangman first, just while i suck down a coffee.

todays word is concupiscence = a strong desire, especially sexual desire; lust.

hmmm them bloody girlies better not be entertaining any of that regarding my fourteen year old son. i believe i should be finding myself a big frigging stick.
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