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Friday, March 31, 2006

somehow i knew...

that the heels clicking up the communal driveway did not belong to someone that i wanted to get out of my bed on a saturday morning at nine-ish to open the door for.

but i did.

get out of bed that is. then i crept out to the lounge room to spy two lower body halves [viewable by my barely up blind] dressed a tad too smartly for this wee hour. instantly i knew i was being blessed with a visit by the jesus jockeys.

now that's just heaven on a stick.

i stood there motionless with the thought of opening the door if but just to breathe my morning breath all over them in big walloping gusts..."hiiiii, howwww are youuuu bothhhh thissss morniiiing"...punctuated by a leg lifting bottom burp and a long lazy scratch around the nether regions.

i heard something being folded then deposited under my screen door.

the heels receded further up the driveway towards the other flats...they must love coming across flats, units etc...the ratio of steps taken and knockable door opportunities. then the assault on my side door leading from the carport was next. persistent little bastids aren’t they. hmmm maybe they thought they could trick me.

as i watched their lower halves clicking back out i knew that they had no luck at the other three flats.

so here's a tip to future jesus jockeys...wear non clicky heels...you might get that foot in my door. well not really “in” but it may be opened in error.

oh and under my screen door was a nice little pamphlet from the watch tower people...that’s the jehovies innit?...with a section on the back for further information or a free home bible study please write to...blah blah. so now i am thinking of helping those here in town that could do with a bit of religion up them and writing off for more info to be sent to their home addresses.

*sigh* i do such good work...now i am off to polish me halo.
Posted by apositivepessimist :: 7:54 pm :: 19 comments

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