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Friday, January 20, 2006

yeah, so it's been...

a while. [and aww thanks...but please, i do that at times no need for concern aye :)] i had been popping in now and again but hardly commented. if at all. lack of concentration and all. that's the funny thing about pot [for me]...contrary to popular arsesumptions...NOT having it makes me lazy and slack...well erm lazier and slacker.

funnily i don't really get the munchies with it either. weird. or tho sometimes it does give me the 'get up and go' to cook a more substantial meal than vegemite and toast...[yep making bread turn brown IS classed as cooking in my book]...tho often i can manage to ignore THAT feeling. plus having a fridge full of nothing helps to quell the inclination to cook as well...went shopping last night so now the fridge is full. have replaced my depleted vegemite supply and with a bigger jar at that...whoohoo shouldn't run out of it again. i'd buy the gigantic jar but i hate getting vegemite on my knuckles trying to scrape the bottom of the jar. funny, when it dries on your skin it looks like a shit smear.

speaking of poop.

i went around to my brothers the other afternoon to collect some of my misdelivered mail and ended up having tea [dinner] there. and hell i even came home inbetween and went back. my brother is onto me tho...when i was leaving the first time. the words..."yeaah don't get home and then ring saying you won't be coming back"...anyway, the poop...

my nine month old niece was having some nappy-free time in her room...laying under her toy mobile while we were outside. my brother went into check on her when we heard a squawky laugh and a yell for his wife jo. we went in to find my niece had discovered the smearable consistency of her own poo. she had it everywhere. including a nice little dollop of it sitting near the corner of her mouth. my sister in law's first thought was of grabbing her camera for twenty-first photo embarrassments...*cackle*...no wonder we love jojo. or tho i do believe she has become more warped by marrying into our family...[fiiinally he picked the right girl] but my brother's "come ON" put paid to the photo opp. damn him.

maan weren't that a joint operation in clean up...talk about all hands on deck. my brother holding her down...jojo alternating between the bathroom and the arrested baby with the washer...me looking for a bucket to fill with soapy water then removing the shit covered toys...my niece crying because she was being held down [hell nobody wanted to pick up her shit covered self] and i suspect she didn't like being laughed at either. too bad. she had plenty of that happening.

so anyway my concentration has waned so i think i am off to lizard on the lounge and watch the *shriek* fucking tennis...it's either that or opera or some religious program. at least with the tennis i think...hmmm i used to play that...so there's like some interest.

hope ya's are all well...or as well as can be. cheers ;)
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