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Monday, January 09, 2006

you know something?...

i reckon we should get up a vigilante squad against fuckfaced neighbours...or do one of those pact things where you do mine and i'll do yours and so on and so on...ahaaha...

...ooer tha's nowt raight...you'll never get in tah eaven speakun loike that, you won't...

today i had the pleasure of quickies with both chatty and lauren...plus a very pleasant giggly bitchfest with our mads...heehee. well between getting booted etc...but one thing i have noticed since reinstalling java [won't bore you with that frustrating four plus hours THAT took me] i can now get into chat pretty quickly. so i look forward to more chatting or just listening [reading] others chatting...*grin*

piled on my desk are them chocolate coin foil wrappings...[the type you buy at christmas]...leftovers from the oldies christmas do. man when i think about it i have heaps of bloody chocolate in my place...them ones from the LFB, a block of cadburys in my fridge, tim tams *puts foot on beanies head warding her away* and a few more bags of these more-ish coins...pity i'm wanting bloody packets of chips aye. i'm more a chipoholic than a chocolate one.

thinking i will be doing a search soon on them pork skins...i have resisted the urge looong enough. but i suspect the LFB only sent the one bag so as to use it as a bargaining tool...because if i am truly honest that mean little bastid could be the utmost in arseholiness but as long as i get pork skins aherm barbeque ONLY and mexican on a regular basis we be a-okay. lol.

so i have to really, really remember [oh magic blog make me remember] to post the paperwork that the immigration lawyer needs tomorrow...or else i will have to pretend i am not online when he comes on tomorrow...*cackling* ORR i could just say i sent it and then do it the next day on the sly...but i need some milk plus a few other things....*five minutes later*...uhm okaay just went to dig the stuff out of where i thought i had it...and i'm thinking that wasn't the last place i put it. exactly *giggle*....*five more minutes later*...found it!!

now its addressed and sitting by my keys. good work me!

made another stewy thing tonight. funny i never really liked stews...i think mainly because of my bloody mother and HER stews. my mother was the QUEEN of left-over [black?? lol] magic. except a lot of the times she really sucked in her abilities to make cauliflower, broccoli and other unmentionables in a stew anything tastefully magical in the process . i shudder at the thought of two day old cooked spinach...LOL...there's no bloody disguising that little gem i can assure you.

often when we tease my mother about childhood meals my dad will butt in with...“well you know i never made you eat it i used to say to yer mother”..."jesuschriiistleah [that was her name by my dad, that and pud...*laughing*] don't force her if she don't want it" ..."yeah, yeah dad funny you never won THAT argument NOR did i ever hear it"...sneaky bloody thing he is trying to cop out on it lol but i do remember it was mainly my mum who would try and do battle with the stubborn-ness of me and my tastebuds. my brother ate most things but every now and again he would join my refusal to eat stance. i am actually pretty legendary in family folklore for my ahem innovative ways of food disposal...none via the gob [mouth].

but, that really is another post...plus me coffee’s cold.
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