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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

it’s two thirty...

in the am and only just now a gorgeous *batts eyelashes* breeze is coming thru my flat. maan i am glad i am still awake to feel and smell it. like it’s almost cleansing me of the past few days crapola...ha ha...begone! you bastard feelings...begone, on the fluttering wind. guess that’s a different definition for an ill wind that blows no good...some other poor sucker is gunna get blown off their feet. anyway. nothing i can do about that huh. lol.

speaking of ill-winds the LFB mentioned today in our chatter that...

him...i’m cramped, gassy and belch something awful
me...so what you are saying is that you’re not really pleasant to be around.
me...smell wise i mean.
him...lol nope
him...i belched earlier mp [brother-in-law...this is for your benefit blog reader...i know who the big girly manbaby is] said who shit themselves and opened the door
me...just tell him its payback for you having to put up with his heathen bratty kids all the time...wonder why he didn’t use it as an excuse to go to the firehouse.

maan my husband is learning the art of patience. i am actually surprised that he hasn’t completely done his nana...[as in banana not his grandmother]...these two little blonde poppets are the screaming rotting spawn of satan himself...i kid you not. now, i have never disciplined a kid by smacking it‘s butt...[that’s not to be mixed up with not wanting to]...but i reckon i would paddle these two little arses. and paddle them hard...so it’s a good thing that i am not there. even my husband agrees. lol.

but really you can’t blame the kids. its my husbands step-sister t and the aforementioned big girly manbaby’s mp’s fault...ENTIRELY...they would rather just give in to their kids behaving like societies rejects than discipline [doesn’t matter how] them. and then they have the hide to complain about not getting a moments peace without their kids screeching in their faces. i mean hell-oo. fucktards!

my poor LFB is the domestic goddess...he does most of the cooking [which he enjoys] and cleaning in his parents home...a three bedroom house where *counts up* seven other people also currently live. mp and t along with the heathens have been living there for going on *shriek* four years. i know i couldn’t put up with it. in fact until my husband returned over there, his parents and the younger red-headed step sister used to hide in their rooms...just to escape them kids.

and sometimes i think i have it bad...*rolls eyes*...ha.

*looks at the time now*...cripes, another late night.
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