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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

so i did that trick...

where i delete the half started post that i had written before i went off on a blog reading jag. and then i go and delete the comments that i usually do in a word doc first...dunno why i do my comments this way...i think its so i can re-read it more fluidly. i'm weird i think and a tad anal. unfortunately i deleted my half started post as well as the comments. but anyway aye.

so i reckon...i could be more exciting if i really wanted to be. ahhaha. blah. naah.

heard on the local news earlier that brokeback mountain is only going to be screened in 'capital' cities...they don't believe the country folk of australia would be too open to viewing such a movie...what a crock of shit. funny they seem to forget a lot of city folk have made the seachange to this bush lifestyle...

naturally the catholic brigade have got into the act regarding their same ole same ole battle cry...family values etc blah whatever...the catholics have been annoying me lately...at least twice a day i am hearing how if i really cared about her. i would consider her education at their school...lucky hey that i only have a hymn...ahaahaa...sploink. but getting back to the movie this country censorship will only bring about bigger box office appeal so perhaps its a stunt by the publicity mill.

so i forgot to blah about having to remove me payback/repel bell. the one i stuck up to reward my neighbours with. unfortunately bricks, glass and mortar is not a great sound barrier on my end. had to bolt out between thunder and lightning claps that same night to wrestle the damn thing down. fuck it's loud...*giggle*.

i also managed to do the in town stuff that i had blurped about last night. sent off me paperwork to the LFB...and weren't i just reminded how much i just looove the passport photo...comes out even better photocopied in black and white. i mean its not bad enough that i have a documented photo of me professing to having the true look of a yellow fevered drenched rat persona. but there it is in all its glory for the next eight years. i told tha LFB he better not be showing no one...ha!

anyway my new nightly wind down pogo-ing is calling me. i hope you's all awake to a much better day than the last.

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