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Sunday, January 15, 2006

feeling somewhat...

all over the place. i know it's because of lack of sleep with the zig zagging thoughts of i reaaally should be doing this or that. returning to work is kinda unsettling me some i believe. my frigging neck is killing me and my brain sack [head] feels like its gunna implode...blah blah whine, whine.

but heyyy at least i did tackle the blue hornet trick of checking the transmission fluid...found its manual quicker than i bloody well found its dipstick. i roughly knew where the manual was...wahlaah the third box was the one!

...peer in at motor bits, look at manuals picture...look again at motor bits, peer again at picture...

repeat above several times...but with ever increasing frowns.

anyway, none the bloody wiser after locating the dipper stick. it had a film of fluid on it but i dunno if it was in the right place for the coldness of the car...blah blah...got a tad confusing and i didn't feel up to working it out. but hell i figure as long as it has stuff on the stick its okay aye. uhmm yes?

so yep, had visitors last night. [we knew it aye...lol] after letting them in and going to throw on a bra i say to the newly [badly] shaven headed john...i see you’re preparing for jail life early huh...aww so you know...yeaah, sally told me. so how’d it happen?

was on a vague tip off...‘someone’ in blah street has some plants...they went next door first...then came into johnno’s...and asked if he had any...he just took them around to his crop of six [i thought it was five]...no use trying to hide them eh, not many houses in that street. altho when one of the cops said oh there’s a small one there, that’ll be seven...john was quick to point out it was a farmers friend. dunno if the cop was just messing with him or what...lol.

i asked if he cried...*grin*...naah. almost but they were really nice. naturally, it was also mentioned. i am only human after all “wow so this ones all about you aye johnno”...and “nnyeaah that’ll teach you to ditch me for the pub on new years eve ya fucker”...with his wife half giggling in the background and a wry smile from john...

"you didn't really look in the partying mood"
"yeah pigs arse...but i bloody well wasn't after i seen you all dressed up, i knew the plans had changed so i just waited to be told"
"aww okay"...here he looked shame faced enough for me.

[doesn't take much to appease me does it *giggle* but i enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the fact that i no longer feel the need to like always soften my words to him. in case i hurt his feelings. its hard to explain but when johns in a down mood i always try and gauge his level of it and be careful in how i say things so as to not plummet him further...sometimes i believe with john most people enable him in his pity party. its a fine balance. if you know what i am trying to say. good.]

anyway we discussed that there was nothing he can do about it now. it's happened. and now he'll just have to wait to see how much the fine and good behaviour bond is [what the police said when they were charging him that he'd probably get]...first offence and just grown for personal use and all.

we talked about it not being the end of his world as he knows it...hell johnno it’s not like you have ‘harmed’ anybody but yourself in your own home...nor will you be the last in this town to be done fer smoking pot...blah blah. hell half the people that will tut tut about it get in their vehicle after a few club/pub beers under their belt and tootle off home every friday night. then we got onto the whispers...heyyy was it on the radio this morning?...ooer that’ll get the township wondering. everybody will be buying that tuesdays paper eh.

he mentioned about getting a teeshirt made up with...yeah! i smoke pot [on the back] til i got busted [on the front]...he is still mulling [aha no pun intended] over getting a lawyer to represent him before his court date later next month. really, if the judge knew how much he will beat and berate himself up about this etc [and us...his listeners, when we let him]..basically “okay johnno, shut up now"...you gotta be firm with him sometimes, plus it snaps him out of his dive into self pessimism and loathing.

personally, i reckon he should hafta walk around with a sandwich board proclaiming what pot will do for you...erm i mean TO you...and really with that haircut he would garner a lot of pity.

okay i need a shower i think...try and shake this head.
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