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~got nothing but toejam~
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Saturday, January 07, 2006

not sure if...

we are like sitting in the eye of the storm or what. but all around me are blue/gray clouds. had raaain earlier...YaaY...haven't had to put on the air not once today.

had to duck out to the post office yesterday...LFB's package had arrived...as denoted by the "must pick up yourself because i am too lazy of a cow to bring it with me as i am sposed to" ticket left by the mail lady the day before. funny, that it was received the day my son didn't go check the mail. he had been every afternoon, before he left to go to the coast for a couple of weeks holidays. oh well he has something waiting upon his return huh.

i noticed a nice little puddle underneath the blue hornet...hmmm i thought really i should reverse out a bit and then get out and check that puddle out huh...but then when i was reversing i thought...hmmm naaa mighta been that bastid cat trying to stick one up me...sure hate fer him to see me stick my finger in it and then sniff and taste it...i am soo onto you mister whiskers!...*shakes my fist*

on my way down the road the neighbour who begat the heathens was talking to someone in her driveway...she waved...i returned it...yes, yes don't think that i don't know what yer game is missy!...this is one little black duck that don't believe in having to listen to yer squalling bouncing bratfinks...*wave, wave, ignore*

*signs fer package...makes small talk...rolls eyes and frowns inside my head at having to make small talk...forgets milk...comes home*

so ooer there were a few surprises in the box. which is unusual fer the LFB...he usually blabs what he has got you...almost as if he is preparing you for disappointment...*covers ears*...

~ a letter...well more like a note really...lol

~ two wintery items of clothing...he mentioned these and also mentioned the size he had got me..."as i know you like big things"...hmmm yep but these would be big on a much bigger person than moi...then again if i ever need to wear ten jumpers at once they will come in handy as the final item...[won't tell him like that exactly]

~ a huge box of chocolates stating they are "all american"...pity half was dark chocolate...i don't do dark chocolate...*blech*...thinking who likes it in my family...[won't tell him like that exactly]

~ my sons game...wrapped.

~ part of local paper containing a picture of one of his son's in some float parade. a son i couldn't pick out amongst the others...[won't tell him like that exactly]

~ a pamphlet from customs...just kinda letting you know they been there and looked thru yer stuff.

and last but not least...here's a visual for you all...ready?

*holds out one hand, palm up, elbow crooked against my side*...one packet of barbeque pork skins...*holds out other hand, palm up, elbow crooked against my other side*...ten packets of jello...*my expression*...what the fuck is wrong with this man!...*bitching*...skimping on the barbeque pork skins...baad books right there...[will tell him like that!]

bloody hell them are good.

*lovingly licks turned inside out pork skin bag*
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