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Monday, January 02, 2006

so yeah, so far...

2006 has been sucking eggs...three to be exact.

technically the first egg was still in 005 but i think it was the catalyst for the downward spiral that seems to have consumed me the last coupla days. anyway, i am on the climb out of the self pity party hole...hence me posting. don't get me wrong i am still pissed with my friend. or maybe its more i am pissed at myself for forgetting that sometimes people really suck...and you really shouldn't rely on them.

but, anyway aye. as i have stated before...think it was in babs' birthday chat...that i am *plotting* his payback. my revenge, if you will. now see, this is why i could never claim to be a christian...i just don't have the tendencies. tho really, most of my plots don't get any further than my head. unfortunately. else more than a few people would be screaming their tits off about having their newly ripped off appendage stuck up their hairy and non-hairy arse freckle. but that's not to say the incident won't be mentioned...guess it depends on how soon i see him again...and whether i'm...*rolls eyes*...over it. 'cause that's what usually happens...i just get over 'it'. i think its the actual plotting *waggling eyebrows* that helps me do that. that...and taking the piss out of 'it'.

as for the other two stinkers...i have not quite finished chewing on those bones.
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