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Saturday, January 14, 2006

it was at six am...

this morning that i realised that i should no longer be too concerned about any noise i may make in the wee hours of the morn. mainly because my immediate neighbours sally and doug sure as shit don't.

fer FUCKS SAKE stop slamming yer FUCKING flats numerous doors...was one of the thoughts that screamed thru my sleep deprived brain this morning. fer christs sake prop ALL the fucken internal doors OPEN was another. we all know the layout of our flats creates an instant wind tunnel inside them...flings doors closed like a pissed off carrie...if not wedged.

maybe telling them yesterday that i wont hear a thing when they left at [the planned] seven-thirty am became a challenge to them.

i dunno how many times i heard what i thought was sally's car start up...shew they are off...ahhhh...whut! another door slam...nooooooooooo!

of course i was soothing myself by picturing their faces as i flew out my carport door screeching and spitting like the she devils ugly sister...that kept me on the lounge a tad longer. now you'll burst a blood vessel in yer head was the other.

so here i be.

alone in tha flats compound yet again. for perhaps two weeks.

i loikes that...*cheeky waggly eyebrows*

will especially like it tomorrow when i have to pop the blue hornets bonnet and with manual in hand looking at tha pretty pictures try to pinpoint its transmission fluid thingo. because apparently that is what that suspected puddle beneath it is. so says tha good dick before he pissed off to the beach for a week.

but i mean this isn't my first tinker with a cars engine no sirree bob...this one time at childhood shooting place...my brother, little sister and i had taken one of the bush bashers up to the top tank just fer a look see...was about ten kms away from the hut and the adults when we came to an unexplainable halt in a mainly dry creek bed...ut oh well that's not good...brother couldn't get it started no matter how much he cursed and fiddled with it...he decided to walk back [gun in hand] to the hut to get our dad.

so here my sister of five years and i sat...watching the bush around us, watch us...her asking how long before help arrived blah blah...aw not long lessy...me thinking about wild pigs and other beasties coming in for a drink...me getting more leery as time wore on about this waiting caper...[mainly because i was scaring meself *cackle, snort*]...so out i get, look at the battery terminals and think this is a good place to start...tapped it with some tool i found in the boot a few times...then a few times more...eventually was rewarded with it firing up turned it around and headed on back.

i walked into cheers for me and good hearted jeers aimed at my just arrived brother. was lapping it up until i noticed the property owners [HOT!!!] sons sitting around the huts table. got embarrassed, tried to sidle outta the 'spotlight' when i loudly and unmistakably ripped the arse out of my shorts on a low wall nail.

that's kinda embarrassing when yer twelve.
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