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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

aww come the fuck on now...

*mutters me from my kitchen window* as my next door neighbour...the one that my backyard backs onto...the house of the squalling devil spawn like trampoliners...is in the process of cutting down the honeysuckle away from the back of their garage. wtf this has to do with me you ask...yes, yes i know you didn’t lol...my privacy is at stake...don‘t give a bugger about their’s. but fuckers!! now i will have to lower my kitchen blind during the day. maybe they thought it was a small sound barrier from their heathens...*narrows eyes*...hmmm so they are starting to play hard ball huh...welll, we will jest see about this huh.

but really, i wonder why they are doing that...just this morning whilst hanging clothes i was admiring the long seeking strands of new suckle growth. from my vantage point of living in the heights of blahford [lol] i can see some of their smaller kiddie proofed yard, closed off from the rest of their larger property. they have done a pretty job...all differing vines...i see purple, orange and yellow trumpet flowers amongst a dense mass of green. sometimes i would get lost a bit in the view while washing up especially when the lowering sun just barely hits it...*siiiigh*. then a jumping heathen head would bounce into my view...*shies away from window in horror*

*looking out thru the verticals*...fuck! from this angle here at the computer the honeysuckle removal has opened up a nice little spy opportunity for them.

*peeks some more*

hmmm, wonder if my outdoor bell [that is currently used as a doorstop] would fill that gap back up...hanging from the end of the clothes line might work...i haven’t hung it here before because basically that sucker can get loud in a good breeze. like a mariner’s bell...“land ahoy!”.

so yes...i will put that out there later.
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