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Friday, January 13, 2006

so its friday the thirteenth...

funny that i notice that when i start to write about this the latest episode in my life. today i threw away a much loved possession...i knew it had to happen sooner or later. been putting it off for a few days. and since tomorrow is garbage day i seized the moment so to speak and tossed it this arvo.

so you can understand my whoaa surprise when this evening i was informed by sally my neighbour that our mutual friend...you remember the one...the friend that dumped me and our plans for a new years eve celebration to i still suspect *narrow eyes* share it with sally and bubba at the pub instead.

i would like to state here and now, that none of the ensuing events came about because of anything i have done as a result of the total letdown that night...*holds up fingers in a brownie pledge*...karma's a bitch and whilst i can stand back and admire its beauty...i'm not THAT much of one...but you will haftah excuse me while i giggle...alas, i do that sometimes and in the most inopportune times...now's not really one of them times tho.

wellll, he was busted this afternoon for his plants. not by the locals either so he will definitely go. maan he'd be shitting himself, if not crying. lol. silly bugger had five plants on his property. three of them pretty much worthless [wrong gender] he was always meaning to cull them out. guess that's johnno but...always meaning to do what he says. uh huh.

i reckon there is a good chance i will be seeing him on my doorstep in the next few days wanting me to listen while he relates his latest tale of woe. blah blah. at this stage...i'm still not into continuing that one-sided friendship anymore. oh well aye. shit happens...and usually for a reason.

ooer is that a full moon as well.

must be. i'm off to mop my kitchen floor.
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