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Saturday, December 31, 2005

so I have been...

all excited like. thinking yep gunna see the new year in with a few southo's, a couple of cones with two of my friends. so how wrong was i aye...i will tell you how bloody wrong i was...i was wayrong as tex would say.

i had one can...no cones and came home two hours before midnight. what's the point of starting to get into the festivities when you find out he is waiting to go to the pub in an hour or two. the same pub that he didn't care to go to last night when we firmed up our grand plan of celebrating new years out under the stars. to listen to the same band...really it is just two people...that he didn't care to hear sing last night. i should have known the plan had been altered when i arrived over there and he was a tad over dressed for our backyard celebration. i even asked, why he was done up so..."aww you knooow, it's new years eve...gotta dress up some".

so yeah, thanks for that johnno...thanks for arranging my night to be one way and then so casually changing it to be another...hope you aren't gypped in your nights value.

yeah pigs arse i hope that.

[...hope wend has a great time tho...]
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