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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I feed off people.

Not in a bad “I eat up yer misery” way; or bludgy “I’ll eat all yer food and smoke all yer smokes” way; or actually eat you in a “yum, yum” cannibalistic way...yes, I know none of yers woulda thought THAT, but I still had to make sure.

I feed off their happiness and laughter.

The other night, my sister, when looking down upon my ex-neighbours [now my brothers neighbour] garden; all lit up with fairy lights etc. Suggested that we could go down and bust out some of these said lights to spell out a word fer the homeowner Christa Blista. Haha so named because she is a fetid pus filled watery corpuscle on the Earths surface.

Then we decided that with the use of her soon-to-be ripped out of the ground archway as the C, a few smashed lights here and there for the U and N. Then if we both stood side to side with one arm slung around each others necks, our other arm outstretched in the opposite direction...we could tell her exactly what we know she is.

give US a C...give US a U

I know that sounds harsh, but really she is the Queen of Cuntessa's.

A small idea why she was raised to queenly status.

Over a year back she was starting to become a somewhat regular with the medical transport service that I organise. I hated that she was eligible for it, I didn't think she "deserved" it. Alas personal opinions can't come between what is eligible and ineligible in government funded country services now, can they. And nor did it, when I arranged a volunteer to drive their own vehicle because the work car was busy elsewhere, to take her to her appointment up over the border.

The morning before said appointment. I rang that fucking miserable cow to inform her of her pick-up time and who her driver would be. She wasn’t home. Nor was she home on the next eight phone calls. I swear she is too fucking miserly to get Telstra’s FREE messaging service put on. Personally I think that’s just so people have to continually chase her Fucking Selfish Hog Arse down.

So around lunchtime I rocked on around to her home and left a note staple gunned to her door. Heh. Yeah, I wish I used a staple gun, think it was more attached by BluTack.

Ten minutes later she rings back to tell me that I have the day wrong, it’s not tomorrow but Wednesday next week. I politely disagree. She then says “Yes, remember, I came around to the office three weeks ago and you were sitting out the front with Ditzy smoking...[see that dig]...I told you the date and time then of my appointment”.

Now, you realise that I disliked this woman before this right.

So my next string of words were softer and more clipped.

“Yes I distinctly remember where I was thank you Blista...[I didn’t add, because when I saw you parking out the front I said to Ditzy, aw fuck not this piece of crapbitch again]...I also remember the day and date you informed me of; that day is tomorrow at 11am.”

She continues protesting the fact.

We end the call thinking we each were right and the other was wrong.

I cancel the volunteer and their car.

That night it started to bug me.

The next day at 10 minutes past her appointment time I rang the doctors surgery and asked the receptionist if a Mrs Blista Earths-Blight had an appointment for today.

“Yes. Well she did, but yesterday afternoon around 2pm she rang here and cancelled it and rebooked for the following week”. Turns out, she had got the receptionist slightly peeved, trying to tell her [the receptionist] that they must have got it wrong, as she had made it for the following week.

Did I ring her and tell her that I knew what she had done. Nope. Was enough that I knew it. Although, I did wait to see what she would do next. Wondering if she would ring to rebook the work car while accepting and apologising for her error. Which I would have graciously accepted. By the end of the working week I hadn’t heard hide or hair of her.

I haven’t had to arrange transport for her since.

Funny that.

It’s so simple to say “okay I stuffed up” then it’s bygones. But nooo instead she chose to cover it up. Deceitful slut.


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