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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yer know I think I’m really funny in comments.

What do you think? Arhaaha. Okay, I’m arhaaha-ing because...c’mon seriously do you think someone like moi cares what you think. Ha! I repeat. HA!...Of course I do.

So while I have yer limited attention/comprehension span.

I am so not an attention seeker/name dropper, right. No. Really. I'm not. Aww hell I never had a 21st or a "wedding" because it really would have been ALL about me; plus dammit people would look at me; something I could never understand a person wanting to happen to themself. Now as I age gracefully [HehHeh] I kinda realise it's really for them, gives those other people a reason to pay homage to me like.

Haha. Fuck! I crack me up at times...ar ar.

But, sincerely I do feel this momentous occasion of my near immigration; possible death. I am bloody flying okay, lets not forget that. I could die with my grown back hymen. That would not be the best of fun. Anyway, as I was saying; with your nearness to my greatness; if indeed you are American...[keep reading...it'll all be about You soon]...I feel the time at hand warrants Me telling a whole bunch of yers exactly what I think of YOU.

May take me a few days to do this. Bear/Bare with me waankers.

Reckon I'll start with some "old" crew...heh...crew. Fuck I'm all TOPS! and cool with the words and shit. Sometimes I truly believe that in the land of milk and honey I could be someone of great importance or a cult leader at least. Similar thing huh. Both can lead a cow to murder...arhaaha.

I guess JackieSue you can think of this as my "thinking blogger" tag award...kinda.

So speaking of, well speaking of well You really. Yer a funny piece. So you can be first off the block. Your ability to spin a yarn excites me lots. Not in Lesbian like excitement. Only because I wouldn't want you to spoil yer record of what was it?? 22 years without SEX. I think in our younger days we may have had virgin lesbo sex. But you would have had to have made the first move. Ut Oh. I expect a contact number from your "big boobies" arse. very. soon.

The man that won me with his hat. Soon as I saw a particular hat I knew this dude and his dog were my kinda people. You make me bark out loud cackles. Heaps. Your never-ending humour in/at life is your most powerful allure. Needless to say, The Ruby Dawg is one arse-smoking bitch. If I was a boy daawg I'd certainly do her. It intrigues me, if the missus is exactly as you portray her.

These two I have to lump together.. I'm sure they won't mind that at all. They will always have my undying adoration. I reckon they may know why. And if they don't, well hell and tarnation that's okay too. Can do NO wrong where I'm concerned. They are both TOPS! I would hope they knew that. If not, they may know now.

Again a twin linkage. You both make me think what it's like on the other side of the fence...haha so true, so to speak. One of you's I made mates with early bloody on and right damn quick; sometimes a friendship is like that. Nice one tah moi. The other, I really wanted to make advances of friendship towards BUT the bitch was playing harder to "get". Still to this day I check that I'm on yer small but cosy buddy list. Dunno why, exactly. Heh. I know I *should* always be there...*cough*

These Two...I didn't really appreciate exactly how they are until once here, outside the confines of somewhere else. I can honestly say I am happy fer yer persecution/personal exodus. One makes me go ohh arhaaha damn he's bloody quick and clever like; the other makes me go arhaaha oh yer such a dag and I likes you all the more for it. Although, I am not ashamed to say both can sometimes be too deep for this little black duck.

What can I say about my very first Native. Native American that is. Too cool for words. Although I wish he would talk more about his-self or his little bespectacled buddy. His dog Bob [always makes me giggle saying Bob; you have to do it in a mr bean imitation] is vying for my affections...but please don't tell Ruby Dawg.

Alright, well Fuck that took me aages to do them bloody links.

Better appreciate my time and effort bitches.

Love, Kisses and EasterBunnyHugs.


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