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Friday, April 06, 2007

We Shall Remember Her!

Lest they forget just how good, special and clever I am.

Behold My Le Grandeur!

The old tarts last craft project with me will be..."Chair Tags"...taadaah.


Gunna velcro dot them to the back of their dining chairs...

Will cut down on the grumbling when a newbie sits in a regular's chair.

Will help the new coordinator learn the old tarts names...they like it when they're called by their name. Guess it helps them to remember WhoTheFuck they, themselves are.

Will assist new volunteers or more so help that stupid [with a capital S] volunteer that I dislike with a passion because she's a greedy selfish bushpig cuntessa *finger typing rest* remember where to stick their cups of tea or coffee when their bums aren't in their chairs.

Still undecided whether to stick my name on this show and tell one or one of our ex-tarts [she moved away]...I plan to velcro it up on a cupboard door...just so them bitches don't forget me.

I was gunna put a sign up [may still] above it..."Those Dearly Departed"...and when a "chair tag" is no longer required it can be immortalised here on the dearly departed door also. But beings they are nearly all one footstep out of Gawd's Waiting Room, maybe they wouldn't appreciate the reminder.


Fuck that, I reckon I may still do it.

Ye Olde Bitches must be remembering me.

Did I mention my Hillbillie mother-in-law wants to get me on at the nursing home she works at?


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