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Friday, February 23, 2007

I’m so Haappy to be Back!

Didya’s miss ME??

Did you even bloody notice me gone? Fuckyers. HA!

My trip up to Brisbane with my Mum for my medical is at least four steenking posts on it’s own. I can laugh about it noooow, yep, now that it’s over but at the time. The only laughing I was capable of doing then was that *half hysterical half I’m gunna fucking kick the shitter out of someone very. soon* type of laugh...Or is that just one of my laughs? hmmm. Naaah.

Anyway, regardless. Until I feel like amusing perhaps You, or me, I will leave it at the following...

One habit that was getting on my tits regarding the Mother that I love and adore. Love AND Adore people!!

Whenever in traffic and she lets someone in or even when they just merge on their bloody own. She performs this half arsed finger wave and say's, without fucking fail, she says..."C'mon Bub".

Now, you are possibly thinking damn that Apos Piece is raaather harsh on her Mumsy, lemme BloodyWell tell you, after the 132nd time of it I was grinding my teeth on my tongue to stop it hissing out.

"Will you. sssshuuUTT-UUuuuuupp with that. fuck. king. c‘mon Bub bizo...Jeeesuzzz Kerriist Mia!!”".

I did forewarn her that I was going to start slapping at her hand if I saw that bloody wave from her again.

But, regarding the reason for the trip...


Guess what I’m sucking on? And what does it mean?

And No! It does not have skin or pubic hair attached to it. Wellll unless I rolled a nudist for the dackka that was stashed up his happy-free-loving bottom. Which I didn’t. Because I’m a Good Person like that. Dammit.

So there’s some hints, what.

Guess now!


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