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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"How to say I love You on this Valentines Day"

This was the snippet leading up to the news.

Well, you'd belch the words with a bottom burp as the exclamation point if you were a bloke from around here.

I mean really, if you need a designated day to tell and show the one you love just how much you do, well yer just pretty fucked up I reckon.

Anyway enough of that rot I have much more important stuff to say screaaam my tits off about.

I got FOUR smacks!!!

Look at 'em...Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bloody lovely.

Thank you to Hot Coffee Girl for the review and yeah no worries I was being silly with my submission regarding the PPP and Ads...you won't see any of that here, because personally I think they look fugly, messy and cluttered on a blog. But each to their own aye.

For those who have no bloody clue about WTF I am yabbering on about go --->here and see for yourself what they are all about. If you care to have a go at it, can I suggest that you might wanna read the terms and conditions before submitting. They forewarn what you might be in for, by putting your blog and yourself up there.

But really, it’s all for the shits and giggles isn‘t it. Not like anyone would quit blogging because they didn’t like what was said by the bitches/commenters. And if the blogger did, that’s some seriously thin skin they’ve got happening there.

For those whose comeback consists of that fetid chestnut [if their blog was anally raped and pillaged] that "good" reviews are based on the template's design...[I mean, Fuck me have a look at mine] or are biased towards their mates etc. I have no association [that I know of] with any of these bitches, well before now. Heh...oooh I feel I'm gunna make some new friends and blogs to read out of this, I'm all aquiver.

Now, not wanting one comment to stand out because whoa so far I've been *blink...blink* rapt in them all, but I would be lying if I didn‘t admit, that my toes curled up a wee bit lot at Bitter Bitches one. She pink pulsating hearts me.

Oh and thank you to Asara [the other blog reviewed] I believe you made me look extra good.

Cheers. I'm off to dry hump some of the commenter’s legs.


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