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Saturday, February 10, 2007

When yer not looking, shit happens.

On rare occasions I believe I am a rooly good singah. So I let anyone around me hear just how bloody good I am. Nothing like opening up my crusty old lungs and just letting rip with a rendition of Suzi Quatro's "If You Can't Give Me Love". Okay, dunno why that just happened? F-F just slammed his lounge room window shut. Oh well, no accounting fer taste *snooty sniff* is there.

I'm right-handed right. Earlier I noticed myself pouring my jug of boiled water into my drinking bottle with my left hand holding the heavier jug. I never do it that way. What's more I didn't spill a drop. Well I didn't til I noticed how I was doing it, then I was kinda like, oooh look what I'm doing and spilt some. I'm expanding my left hands repertoire it seems. Usually it's just there to hold my smoke while I type, or to hold my book on my lap when I'm wiping my bum.

This just in: F-F's Bushpig is wearing yellow undies today. I know this because they just came outside to have a fag and a cuppa and have chosen to sit on their doorstep while doing so. A doorstep that is up higher than my opposing one by a few feet because they live in the heights and I'm down in the flatlands of the complex.

"Oi Bushpig close yer bloody legs, I don't like yer hairstyle." Do you remember shouting that when you were a kid? It was all the rave. All the cool kids were saying it. Now for the most part, it would have to be amended to "I don't like the shape of yer piss-flaps".

Soon I will not be having anymore snipes at them. Rang the real estate agent and put in my three week notice to vacate. Will be moving out to the bliss that is my parents house. I say bliss not only because it is out of town and only surrounded by trees and wildlife and because they won't be there. Heh. That sounds awful. Not meant to sound that way, but hell I'm forty-one and like doing things my way. It's the only and best way, no? Besides, I would have to arm wrestle my father or put crushed sleeping tablets in his coffee for the use of the internet..."Aww when's it myyyy turn?" I'm too old to whine that.

They are off to house sit a few days after I move in. Roughly two months of it, two different houses. I will no doubt be gone before they come back. This is good, will make me less sooky when I leave.


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