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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bugger me the good things just keep on happening!

I knew my decision not to chase and run over that random little prick of a kid with Tha Blue Hornet, would come back to me eventually.

Received my immigration package yesterday.

Sat out on the back step, hands shaking and heart thumping as I ripped it open.

After reading some of the questions that will be asked at the medical, I think I better pack a dainty white glove and practice my haughty “You Sir, are NOT a gentleman!...syphilis, gonorrhea...How DARE YOU”.

I have a choice of three male doctors in Brisbane, oh great, at least I suppose I will be able to say that my snootch will have been poked and prodded by four different men now. One ex, one bloke who did the stitching after child birth, one husband and then this one. I’m still deciding whether I will “tidy” it up for him or just make him fight his way to it and suffer while doing so.

I’m doing my utmost to not think about the possibility of having all my body passages being finger poked by this unknown assailant. I'm flying blind here, so my usual way when faced with uncertainty is to imagine the worst possible scenario and then tudaaah it’s never as bad...Pleasepleaseplease Bubbha let this be true in this case.

Contacted them and made my appointment for next Friday.

Medical=$242.00...X-Rays=$95.00...Blood test=$95.00...possible immunisations = fuck knows.

Rang the local cop shop to see who was on, apparently neither of them were, as my call went through to the station at Blahyah. One is back on deck today at 5pm...I will be there at 5.01pm to fill out a form, be fingerprinted and hand over $175.00 for the honour of doing so. Funny, when I notice that my State has the dearest criminal background checks, in bloody Western Australia it’s only $43.00. Rip off bastids here.

Jeezus Kerrrist, I just noticed that when I’m interviewed at the US Consulate in Sydney it’s $493.00 for that pleasure.

Only til you are on this side of the coin can you kinda understand why people immigrate illegally, to any country.

I wish I had turned that little prick of a kid into a speed bump now.

Here's hoping I'll see him again tomorrow.


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