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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can you snort sleeping pills?

Not, that I really want to.

After suffering crappy sleeping habits on and off for most of my adult life...my dark circled eyes are a testament to that fact. I finally sucked it up and got a script for a sleeping aide. Instead of just making do on the little or none that I get. I am now demanding a fair share of it.

I’m kinda excited to see how good it is...hope I go all warm and fuzzy with it. Then if I drift lullabying off to sleep, softly singing Haaappy traaails to meee. I will be one extremely happy bloody camper.

Even after asking questions and listening to my doctor [heh. seems funny to say “my” doctor] I still think I will test it out before I need it. Just to see how I wake up in the morning, no good being groggy with it.

She said it is mild but can still become addictive. Knowing how I can be with “addicting” stuff, I will treat it with caution.

But yay me, I’m now a pill-popper.

A Temazepam pill-popper to be exact.

Yes, I had to go look at the bottle fer the name.



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