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Friday, February 09, 2007


This will henceforth signify my more sassier posts...still I am not wanting anyone to die exactly. Good god I really did inherit some of my mothers goodness gene. My Bad Granny would be pleased and impressed, if indeed she still had half a clue who I actually was.

A FOYDC is cordially extended to that bastid immigration lawyer.

Yes, him again.

Do NOT be giving the LFB just three phone numbers for immigration approved doctors and tell him to pass them on to me. Makes me a tad pissy thinking I have to travel to fucking Caaanberraaa [about three hours further away than bloody Sydney's nine] when it appears perhaps I may not have to travel to either.

Just shut yer stupid frigging guts, if you are not prepared to give all the information, like other listed US approved doctor numbers. Do NOT give any information at all. Just wait for my "package" that was sent to you by the immigration department to be forwarded to me [should be here by the middle of next week] then, let me read it myself. Might save me from needless planning and despairing you jolly big twat.

It would have also been nice if you had mentioned that a criminal background check can be lodged at ANY Police Station not just supply the phone number for their headquarters in Sydney.

Oh and next time, perhaps you can take more bloody care when filling out my "papers". They were returned to me on Monday because details were not entered by you. Details that I had supplied YOU with, many full bloody moons ago.

Okay, things are looking up, my "interview" with immigration officials is on Monday the 12th of March at 10am. That's as long as that bastid lawyer hasn't fucked up that little piece of passed on info.

You can expect a good swift kick to yer cods if indeed you have.

And it won't be with me fluffy slippered foot neither.


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