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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Highlights/Lowlights of My Weekly Life...thus far.

Nice plumber came and fixed the water around here. No longer do I play the fascinating game of "Morning Turd Rising...Will It Overflow or Not" when I flush it nor listen to it gurgling and bubbling when I'm doing me washing. Dislike gurgling and bubbling noises, highly annoying. I mean unless it’s a babbling brook or bouncing baby or because yer throat has been slashed there should be no gurgling and bubbling like that in the World. Thank You.

Pretended to be all efficient with a bout of “I’m ON it...before I need to be”...got a shitload of work stuff completed. Phone calls here, phone calls there, MDS completed and sent to governing body, blah blah. Some days I just rock in the workplace. What can I say.

Remained relatively unscathed by the demands from the Evil Old Leprechauns. Some how I think they are crafting and plotting a full blown attack on me and my services. Very. Soon. They are never this non-needy. I could get used to it.

A suggestion that I made to my Boss a few months ago is being passed up the food chain of power. I told her it was a faaabulous idea when she told me “her” solution yesterday. She didn’t hear the cackle in my voice when I said it. I know one person who will look over at me and knowingly grin when the Boss tables it at the next meeting. I had run it past her, ironing out the possible glitches before I mentioned it to the boss.

With this hot weather F-F has remained cooped up in his cooler flat, haven‘t seen or rather heard much from him a great deal lately. He pops up enough that my wish that he is slowly decomposing in his flat is crushed. Another reason to dislike the man. Crusher of Hope.

Elation hit an all time high in her quest to be nominated in the Dirtiest Old Bitch Out There category. I watched as she re-picked at her scabby legs and then placed a bit of the dry scab in her mouth and chewed on it. Bad enough that she fiddles around in her own pootchy-snootch she now uses those same fingers to transport crusty bits to her diet. Charming manners and habits.

The start of my days off are once again upon me. I remembered to put The Blue Hornet in park this time. No doubt I will go and re-check that I really did later.

***ooooh and would you look at me with these tag thingies no need for the WTF and Who The Hell scrolly box now***


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