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Thursday, February 01, 2007

*Repeat to myself*

Never, ever let a hairdresser put "product" in your hair and then let her "scrunch" your thinned out curly hair up. No! don’t let her do that ever. ever. again.

I looked like a retard.

Which may explain why that little kid was waving at me off and on for ten minutes.

Seriously, never return a kids wave with child like abandon. They'll want you to repeat it back every 30 seconds or so...*wave,wave,wave,wave,wave*. After the third go-round I realised the kid was not quite a hundred percent. I gave him one more round then I quit waving.

Now that I think about it, the hairdresser must not have liked me too much. Why else would she leave a centimetre wide strip of dye residual, along my hairline from ear to ear. Maybe if I wasn’t so horrified by my stiffly waxed curls I might have looked in the mirror longer than the two seconds I did and spotted the dye track before I left the salon to traipse into downtown Blahyah.


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