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~got nothing but toejam~
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh how I love thee.

The Little Fat Bastid knooows what I loikes, although I’m not exactly fussed on my eyebrows and eyelashes catching the crumbs when I tip the bag up to catch the dregs. My tongue won’t reach those areas on me. Oh whhhy am I cursed with a non porno tongue.

I was looking scowling at Friar-Fuck while he was talking to Doug the other day when it hit me who he reminded me of...none other than Riff Raff from RHPS. The only difference is I liked Riff Raff from the start, I have yet to discover any likeable qualities about F-F and really there's not much chance of me doing so aye. He will continue to remain in my fuck off and stop breathing category.

Ho hum not much happening here at the moment. Although I did pee on a spider this morning. It was in the toilet bowl, I did think it had drowned so I didn't bother flushing it away before I peed all that conserving water what. Halfway through my stream I thought hmmm maybe it was playing possum and it isn't dead and at this moment it is headed for my nether regions. Well that was enough for me to stop mid stream and look. Sure enough the little bastid was halfway up the bowl heading for my pink bits. Imagine having a spider bite there. Uhm no thanks think I’ll pass on that experience.

Told Elation the self fingering community nurse to “just shut up” yesterday...guess I’m getting weary of her dramatics whenever she is retelling all and sundry a conversation that she supposedly had with a client. Yes I know, she really adheres to the confidentially clause eh. You know her “parts” in it are bullshit. Sometimes, well I just get tired of listening to her imaginary end of the conversation and how she told this one this and how she told that one that. I reaaally need to get away from these people and no doubt them from me.

Speaking of getting away, I signed and sent off a form for the immigration lawyer yesterday. It is supposedly near the end of the process and should be finalised by Christmas. But I won’t put too much effort into my happy heel clicks just yet. There is sure to be a few more hurdles. I’m just hoping that whatever doctor they send me to for my medical isn’t located in Sydney, not really fancying a ten hour car trip to get to them. With any luck one of the 206 doctors on their list [bugger ‘em...a list that they don’t have on their website] will practice a bit closer to where I’m at. You would think so huh. When I’m feeling optimistic I think maybe, just maybe one of them is only about three hours away and it can all be done in one day. Time will tell.

Feeling a bit blaaah today. Dunno why, I slept for nigh on fourteen bloody hours. Yep 14 of the suckers. Thought I’d sneak in a an hour or two nap before Earl come on...next thing I know its like 4am in the morning, so I slept for another 4 and got up around 8am. I should be feeling alive, refreshed and kick arse.

Maybe I need a few games of Literati. Hmmm, yes that might be it.


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