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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I have had a...

right cuuunt of a day.

I absolutely despise meetings and I despise them more when they are sprung on me in a phone message left late the day before. Never mind that I had my workday pre-planned. That's right I keep forgetting, I'm just the shit catcher that has to juggle all my turds to accommodate the blazer and scarf wearing brigade that streamed through the doors.

Chaired by the larger than life El Fabulouso one. Fuck me. Fuck off and go spread it someplace else. This little black duck with the increasingly bad attitude is finding it harder to listen and watch you exert your greatness amongst other greater souls. And I’ve only met you twice, oh my what an impression you have left. I wonder if I can sue you for the loss of teeth enamel that I ground away today.

And you, you religious blindsiding bitch don't think I am going to make your working life easier. Yep that’s right come across all goodness and light in the pursuit of offloading your residents onto me. Not like I haven’t got enough to do for my own on those days in question.

I wonder if I will be the first Coordinator in this area to go postal.

I dedicate the following photos taken today on my way into Blahyah for the fortnightly shop to you and YOU...life in the Australian bush.

*if need be...click on them to enlarge*

I can not wait until I can hand in my resignation. Please let it be soon. I don't know how much longer I can take this shit. Knowing full well that I will just have to suck it on up. Not like I can do anything about it, but vent it here.

Alrightee then...I so look forward to our next little get together in November.

No not really.
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