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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So that I don’t have to start beating...

you lusty bitches off with a stick from my Little Fat Bastid in a Thong Pin-ups Photies. I will post about my day today thusly moving ‘im on down while informing yers all about how much I rocked today. Yes I know I should be used to it. But anyway.

Let it be known that I not only enjoyed a Tuesday but I kicked its furry butt instead of the usual vice-versa of the Day Care Day. Aha! Funny that by not really having long periods of time interacting with the old girls makes them seem all the more sweeter. Just short bursts of my buoyant high-kicking presence amongst them was needed today...I like when its “Game Day” of the month.

Means I get to spend more time in the kitchen helping my Mum the volunteer cook and amusing the “newer” volunteer Dish-Bitch Ed. Ed is new to the position but not new to my mother or myself. My mother and father have known her and her husband Clance for more years than I have been alive. They and their four boys were more prominent in my childhood. I hadn’t seen any of them for thirty odd years.

They retired up here to be nearer to their lifelong friends...my parents. Which to me is a strong testimony to their friendship aye. I like that. Says a lot about the four of them and the type of people they are. Which I hasten to say is all good. Heh. Ed was pretty high up in the paramedic/ambulance field. She also trained one of our more well known paramedics. A guy by the name of Paul Featherstone who was largely involved with the rescue of Stuart Diver at Thredbo a few years back.

One of the Oldies did try to claim that I was trying to poison them by making them drink just slightly off milk. My response to that accusation was...“Hell that’ll only happen once I’m in yer will Daph...otherwise it‘s completely bloody useless uh”. Strange tho, that the milk was dated good until the 15th but anyway I went and bought another carton [not from the same shop] for their stinking tea’s and coffee’s. Yes I did get a cackle that they were all happily slurping, yapping and stuffing their collective faces with the spread of assorted morning tea cream cakes and sao biscuits covered with butter, cheese and tomato until it was mentioned that her coffee tasted funny.

Just takes one aye. Pack of evil old things they are. Oh how I will miss them. I know I will. I bloody well know they better miss me. But really how could they not aye. Although I did allay Large Marges fear that I will make sure I am replaced before I leave. Her statement of “I will miss you” earned her a big fat hug. She likes hugs and kisses. Alas I don’t particularly dig the cold sore I sometimes get when she kisses me...but hell, what can you do about it but try and aim that part of her pink lippied lips away from your skin.

I’ll be leaving a helluva lot behind when I leave.

It better still be the bloody land of bloody opportunity over there I tell ya. Heh.
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