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Saturday, March 18, 2006

well shit aye...

did the shopping expedition, pretty uneventful. tho i was coughed on by a passing shopper and no the coughing wasn't a reaction to a "uh oh" [heh heh jdee] from me...and yes i managed NOT to chase her down and roll over her with my fully loaded shopping trolley whilst berating her about her lack of basic frigging manners...but don't you worry i remember her poorly dyed old pony-tailed head...she'll keep...*wink*

so i made the effort and rocked on over for my brothers forty-third birthday barbie celebration out at the olds bush haven...yes i know yaay for me, beings that our younger sister wasn't able to attend i thought i better make the effort so that at least one of his siblings was there.

anyway, we were sitting around on the veranda just yapping away when my aunty jiings started telling my brother and i that we are descendents of a lady by the name of alice nutter who was found 'guilty' of being a witch and was hanged in a public execution along with a few more "pendle witches" at lancaster gaol way back in 1612...

upon further reading turns out poor alice who happened to be a wealthy landowner appears to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught up in the witchiepoo accusations. apparently, my great aunt who still lives in england had sent my bad granny all this information regarding our family history quite a few years back and bad granny burnt it...bad bad granny!

but that's not all that was revealed...

they [my mum and my aunt] told us something that i have suspected for a very bloody long time...ever since i saw a photo of their father [who was killed when my mum was just sixteen]...my grandfather's grandmother [perhaps great grandmother i forget...all these great and grands] was an undiluted aboriginal. HA!...i fucken KNEW IT....*cackle*...hmmm, as i type i am plotting my land reclaim somewhere...but hell that does explain my brothers colouring [he has that lovely olive skin] and explains a second cousins nose...*giggle*.

so yeaah...what an interesting afternoon...and lookout anybody that pisses me off i will be able to 'curse' them twofold...with the evil eye and the pointing of the bone. cool beans.
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