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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

well okay...

while i am cooking a poo...you know, when you feel the need to go but it's not quite ready yet. anyway, i decided to tell you all about my wonderful happy-chappy tuesday at work. ha! like it was that.

arrive around eight fifteen am...

...start getting their craft table ready, lay the paint cloth, paints, paintbrushes, water, paper towels. spread out my luverly pristine collection of plaster of paree pieces down along the table centre for their choosing...ever mindful to place the one colour only pieces within easy reach of the one colour only artistes.

...talk to a drop-in client regarding her trip next tuesday. look and make the appropriate noises at her new great grandchild photo's. the photo's she specifically bought up for ME to look at. thankfully there was only twelve of them with an appropriate amount of time spent on each...sigh why do people like me.

...set their morning tea table, adding another smaller table, then squeezing in some more chairs, whilst setting up the tea and coffee station in one of the kitchens....realises that i left their tea n coffee cards [how they all have it] at home near the computer...*knows* that i will have to retrieve them.

...deal with the old italian with pig like qualities...who funnily enough is no longer such a pig towards me after i was somewhat blunt with him last week...he actually smiled [huh wtf A smile] and thanked me today. funny that.

...in between answering the nine...NINE...phone calls i received in the first frigging forty-five minutes. i felt like screaming into the mouthpiece whenever it rang..."fer the love of gawd it's fucking tuesday, you KNOW it's daycare today and i run around with my arse hanging out trying to get it all ready before i have to pick up some of me oldies"...well maybe they don't know about the arse hanging out part.

...arrange the newest transports and return the calls [if i don’t do it ‘soon as’ i’d have more than nine phone calls] that came in over the weekend and the days i don't work...i haate hearing that bleep, bleep, bleep of the messages left. i do wish i could sometimes fast-forward their speech patterns and brain waves..."uhmmm err now when was it...ahh maaavis what day do i have to go to..."

...deal with the fucked up little gnome of a handyman who dropped in at nine-twenty. who has been keeping the money paid to him by the clients instead of turning it into me LIKE i told him to do. so now he has to repay me the two-hundred and forty odd dollars for the work he has done. ha ha.

...hear one of the volunteer drivers in the kitchen talking to my mother the cook. he has come up to return his transport sheets from fridays trip. knowing i will have to spend a precious ten or so minutes talking to him [lovely man but talk about mister have-a-chat] i remember to 'book' him for this fridays trip.

...leave at nine-fifty to go and pick up three of my oldies. the last one i had to go in and get out of her house...she was inside ringing me to see where i was...i was two minutes later than normal.

*ding* poo is ready to be delivered!.........................ahhh. okay where was i in the bitching department...

ack! blaah...i’m done.
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