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Friday, March 10, 2006

okay just to clear...

something up here...*grin*...i don't actually have a problem doing a poo sometimes i have a problem making it...as in having the motivation to eat full stop. you would think i would be a skinny little minx huh. some days i have to stop and think if i have eaten at all and then force myself to consume something because i then start to feel sickly and shaky. dunno why this is as i loove me food, guess some days i just get bored with it.

but a big thank you for your remedies...will keep them in mind if i ever have a problem in the poop chute department. tho speaking of craps...one of my oldies had to go to the hospital hadn't done one for four days and was in a bit of strife over it and they had to "dig it out" as mardge so happily put it...just sounds so undignified don't it. can't help but picture the doctor or nurse with a little shovel and bucket in hand digging away in that orifice.

the LFB and i had this saying when eating something that we'd cooked that didn't turn out as nice as it was supposed to..."oh well, it'll make a turd"...so basically that's my philosophy as long as it makes a turd eh.

so here it is saturday once again...and what do i have planned for my weekend...bugger all really much like the past fifty or so of them. i tried to get into gamesville last night to play frantic fish...yes i know i live on the edge don't i...stinking frigging fish game STILL i can't get that game to load up properly...i did all their freaking recommendations and all...i could hear the fish dropping but could not participate in it...very fuck-king annoying. so after an hour and a half i had to step awaaay from the fishgame before i completely got pissed about it. but dammit just when i need some mindless patheticness [welll more of it] i can't have it...*narrowed eyes*

i was alternately awoken this morning by the fellow flat dwellers bringing in their wheelie bins this morning...it's a very distinctive noise that. then thirty minutes later it was the neighbour in the house next door's turn, he started banging on something [and it tweren't the wife] in his shed. so i decided to just get up. fuck 'em. mind you, at half past ten i guess it was time to arise from my sweet slumber.

so i guess i am off to check out what youse all have been up to...well, as soon as i get another coffee and perhaps after i participate in a poo.
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