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~got nothing but toejam~
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


so here it be wednesday...and here i be having jigged wensdee workday once again. oooh i'm so baaad. i should sack myself for poor attendance...naah fuckit...i'm the best employee i got. tho i did venture out and drive two of me old tarts to the local pub for their arthritic knees up with the rest of the towns oldsters. so i didn't completely slack off.

i feel like i have 'lost my edge' since foregoing the pot...have certainly lost my enthusiasm for stuff...not to mention the concentration...well that isn't completely correct i mean i sat here last night into the wee hours fuck arsing around with this template eh. so i still can garner some concentration.

the good dick is picking me up a three kilo bag of the white powder today...ten bucks can't beat the price uh. so maybe later on tonight i will be elbow deep in making more casts. contemplating making some replicas of my body bits to send over to the LFB...reckon a girl could get into some trouble with that stuff aye...

"and here's a cast of my arse and it's freckle...(_*_)...fer yer fondling pleasure".

well dammit!!. i hate that. always makes me bloody jump...we have these stoopid birds over here called peewees, they are like the retards of the bird world...i have lost count of the many times they fly full tilt into my lounge room window...the first couple of times it happened i thought some bastid was spudding my flat. i'd go to the front door...look out with a scowl...no-one would be giggling. so then i would lie in wait peering out thru the smallest gap in the blind with me blue eyed beadie trying to catch the spudding culprit. eventually i would give up and sit down then another thud would come. wasn't til i started leaving the blind up more than i usually do, did i discover who was behind the window hits.

reminds me of the time when i was still living out of town in my lovely secluded home...was in the computer room. son was asleep and ex was still down in sydney. was pitch black outside when suddenly the loudest thump on my window happened, rattled that big sucker bigtime. well i just about shit myself and froze not wanting to look out at whatever caused it...[i mean you hear of isolated houses and their occupants being targeted by the knife wielding, hockey masked criminally insane every now and again] within a minute or so me bravery [lol] kicked in...i gingerly looked out...no-one to be seen.

got up closer to the window put my face up against it...hands cupped around to shut out the rooms light...*scanning left...scanning right*...nothing. hmmm *look down* and there sat this big bloody owl looking back up at me with the expression of "what the FUCK just happened then". it must have given itself a good whack as it sat there for a good ten minutes trying to shake off the collisions effect.

stoopid owl...was gunna venture out there and kick it's feathered arse along the length of the veranda for scaring the absolute crap out of me. but then i thought hell it might have been slammed at the window by the knife wielding dude.

*rolls eyes*

** well YaaY got the comment thingo visible again...and scottage just in case you drop by again thank you for your suggestion but all that did was underline my “recent blurts” but hey thank you all the same...had to put it here because your comment section goes to an error all the time :)
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