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Sunday, March 12, 2006

*struts out like i'm someone*...

someone who has been showered and shaved. well haphazardly shaved. the LFB would be horrified at how much hairier i let me legs get now. actually, even sometimes i'm horrified but obviously not enough to shave them more cleanly and more often aye.

yep there was once upon a time when they were done every day. tho i would give it a miss every few days when i was working at the club. got smart, see...the next managers uniform change we had i went with the tailored duds instead of the skirts. and twerent that a bloody lovely improvement...no more black stockings for the little spiky hairs to find their way thru and annoy the crap out of me. i've still got them suits somewhere. don't ask me why.

somehow when i was scrubbing my face i took a slice out of my snout with a fingernail...bloody cut them the other day too. i am usually less dangerous to myself [and others] with shortened nails. damn thing is stinging slightly and of course a finger goes to it every now and again...guess i do that just to remind meself of what i'm capable of when left to me own showering devices.

which reminds me of this time not that bloody long ago [the LFB was still over here] when i was trimming strays and generally neatening up with a pair of scissors. and before i knew it i had somehow snipped a sliver outta me tip. fuck i near pee'd down my leg with the realisation and the pain of what i had just done. was like a paper cut. have been extra bloody careful with them scissors since. shew...even the remembering of it makes me wince. oh well, live and learn aye...especially in that area.

so i have decided that the oldies activity for tomorrow will be games..."yes, the game of lets see how long it takes them to irritate the crappers out of me"...naah talking bout board games...that way i can be out from under their little sunken black currant beadies while i glue on the magnets to their plaster of paree stuff. which for the main part they painted up quite garishly gloriously. gawd love ‘em. but hell what do i care how they painted them, kept them occupied huh. plus now i get to arm meself with a hot glue gun and just let them try my patience for anything. ha! back the hell away from me, old girls

so now its nearly half past three in the arvo and i have managed to not be siren-songed by that bloody lounge for a nap *must resist...must resist* okay, shouldna mentioned it, as now i keep looking at it...lovingly.
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