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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

well good on me...

i actually made it into work today...the past few weeks i have been ditching most of the wednesday's and i really need to stop doing that.

had an okay day, got a bit done. had a nice surprise visitor namely one of the head honcho's of the senior citizens committee asking me if on the fourth of april i would cancel my tuesday daycare program so that their members who are made up of most of my clients can attend one of their functions. of course i leapt across the desk planting a big smooch on her with a hell yes then laughed like a loon. as it happens anzac day [which is a public holiday] falls on a tuesday at the end of april so that daycare day will be cancelled also...april is gunna be a sweeter month....yeehaar.

i’m back in my eating just to make a turd routine. haven't felt like "cooking" a meal so i’ve had a sandwich the last three nights for tea. will have to make an effort tomorrow night as my son is staying. hmmm what to cook...what to cook. perhaps spaghetti bowl. ack dunno.

appears i am once again back in the world of blaah...where nothing is of much interest.

since i have had to give up the lovely dope i believe i will have to take up the bottle to help dumb and numb the slowly passing hours. fuck i have at least six more months of this...well according to the lawyer that's how long it may take...could be more depending on immigrations decision. dunno what we will do if they knock me back...guess divorce. no use being married if we can't be together huh.

anyway that's not improving me mood here none.

so what to do now.

aww poor johnno has been to court...got eighteen months good behaviour bond and a five hundred dollar fine. apparently it has come out in the wash that it WAS his dirty fucking grub of a neighbour that dobbed him in for his plants. what a low-life prick act...supposedly he thought by dobbing john into the cops, his own appearance before the courts [dunno what for, probably thieving] would be lesser. what a fucked up act. i'd kick his arse with a lump of wood if i was john...but that's not in johns nature. he'll just whine about it all...endlessly.

i haven't been around there since our new years eve washout...hmmm am i holding a grudge...i dunno if i am really. but it did relieve me of the feeling of having to visit...so maybe subconsciously i am. or maybe it just relieved me of acting how i believe a friend should act. i dunno and at this stage i don’t really care too much about it. some days i think i should make an effort then i think meh, i just don’t feel like it.

fuck i wish i could get off my face.

at least i had some enthusiasm when sucking on a cone.

oh well...tomorrow’s another day aye.
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