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Thursday, March 16, 2006

don't tell anyone...

but sometimes when i'm in bed i will lift my bedcovers to smell me own bottom burps...especially when i believe it's gunna have an exceptional bouquet to it. last night was one of those nights...talk about being ripe. shew. the LFB would have been sooo disgusted with those successes. mind you i would have tried to "sneak" them out if he was here...[he has no appreciation whatsoever for female farts]...but without him i can just let 'em rip, reverberating in their full glory wherever i be in me flats confines. farts are funny. and i will say nothing gives more relief than expelling that gas that builds sometimes painfully in the belly.

i would like to add before you all think i am completely uncouth...i believe bottom burps should be kept to oneself, family and sometimes close personal friends...if they are of the same view. wellll, at least until i'm sixty then all youse people are gunna get to hear, smell and 'taste' my efforts..."ahaahaa!! choke on that you innocent passer-by".

well it's shopping day tomorrow...and we are supposedly leaving around *shriek* seven am. what the fuck! seven am...whhhhyyy????...there's a surprise lunchtime birthdee barbie for my older brother out at the oldies place...and more shock and horror i reckon i will attend. yes, yes i know, they will no doubt be as surprised as me if when i turn up...*grin*

so i have been having a like/dislike relationship with the blog traffic site blog mad...well not so much the site as such but with how it works...just the other night i put my blog up then decided to remove it [yet again] all in the space of forty-five minutes...“arghhh fer buggerys sake make up my mind won't i”...think i'll jest continue as a member so as to read the other blogs that flow thru it...but remain in me smaller safer splash pool...at least for the time being.

aww crap!...i will have to venture out up to the shop later. i know i won’t be able to eke out my milk until tomorrow...and we certainly don’t want to be a strung out coffee-less fiend at midnight tonight, do we. nopers we don’t. frig! i knew i should have grabbed a litre the other day on my way home from work. was gunna but i got the shits looking at the boyfriend of the shop owners daughter just sitting there reading and stuffing his fucked up face features with food while i waited and waaaited some more at the checkout...

now i realise he probably wasn’t ‘able’ to work the cash register...but i hate being completely ignored for three ticking minutes. a “she won’t be long” would have calmed my slowly seething burn...[huh i CAN be a pissy britches aye...heehee]...so i walked out muttering unchristian comments and took my money to the other local shop where naturally i forgot the milk among my purchases. maybe i was still too busy muttering about fucktards in my head...and NOW i pay the price for it...*cackle*...oh well aye, spose it will get me out for the day.

anyway, off to see if zee old blogger has sped up any in the viewing of your blogs.

**wtf is up with trying to post...keep getting a stinking error. continually. bastids!

***well bugger me...it finally worked...funny that the "posted" time was like about five hours ago...but it's only just worked now. oh well now we are off and away. YaaY

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