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Friday, March 03, 2006

mugshots are done...

ready to be posted off to the lawyer...she had to do it a few times as the first one i had one green eye and one red one...i did ask that she print that one just to spin the immigration wankers out...funny that my eye colour in photos is more a green when they are actually blue. with instructions not to smile, little did she know that ain't hard for me to do in photos...fucking hate having photos done...then she told me to stop snarling...*rolls eyes*...apparently yer not allowed to show teeth either. anyway they are DONE! so the LFB will be happy that i am making some progress. now all i am waiting on is my start and end dates from my club work for which i emailed my ex boss last night asking for. damn, hope she isn't on holidays.

so shopping was pretty uneventful...my ex took me over [he's a good ex] but i did miss not going with my sister and i didn't get my cheeseburger reward at the end of it. hmmm something is truly wrong with that. tho in replacement i did get a meat pie for tea so i guess that will do. i managed to pick the worst frigging trolley out...with a definite turn to the left i was constantly battling to keep it straight...no frigging wonder i come out with a sore lower back from trying to steer that fucker. i tried to swipe what looked like a decent trolley from a little old lady but i couldn't prise her gnarly fingers from its death grip on it...so i gave her a good kick and off i went.

ran around to all the craft stores looking for plaster moulds for the oldies craft activity on tuesday...bought one for twelve freaking dollars but its a cute collection of bears...so hopefully they will turn out. got some of them setting now. and don’t it start to dry quick gunna stick magnets on the back after they have done the paintjob and they can whack them on their fridges. hmmm wonder if they would appreciate some death masks...naah probably not eh...no sense of humour these oldies.

it's been cooler the past few days with splashes of rain, goes hand in hand with our autumn which started at the beginning of march...can you hear me say ahhhh from over there. as much as i like the sun i don't flipping like it when it creates rivulets of sweat in me pits...not to mention what it does to me butt crack. ack.

i’m in a kinda weird mood...not happy, not sad, not mad, just...

geezus i'd love a cone right about now...*sigh*
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