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Sunday, March 12, 2006

mmm hmmm...

If that bloody dog does NOT stop its periodic high pitched bark. I will be forced to go out there, find where it lives and then bitchslap it one.

I guess I don't do real well on no sleep huh.

So. Here it is nearly eight am. With the whole day ahead of me. Wonder what I will do with it. Really should do some cleaning up around here...*looks around*...meh. Maybe.

I am half expecting a visit from my mother and her sister. Bloody hope not. Might make a phone call later to head them off. That's if I can get thru...my father being the internet whore that he is will have the phone line all tied up until at least eleven am. Hmmm so that's where I got it from.

So, I tried that blog mad thingo...it became kinda annoying to view the same blog four times in the one short session...funny that it was a christian spouting blog...wonder if 'someone' was trying to tell me something. Bloody hard to type with your elbows because yer fingers are attempting to gouge out yer eyes.

Anyway, as I can still see. I was unsuccessful.

Yesterday afternoon I had to stop my nose from sliding off my face and perching on the brick wall overlooking the neighbours yard. They had a barbie happening...frig it smelled good...ouff fried onions...gets the drool happening every time. I miss not having a barbie tea...it’s not like I don’t actually OWN a bbq...but I like it when it comes with the inbuilt cook...preferably a little fat bastid of a one. Oh well, I was forced to satisfy myself with just snorting up the wafts.

If they dare to have another one tonight. I will have to kill them.

After they have cooked it...naturally.
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