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Sunday, January 22, 2006


i got a jury thingo the other day...was one of the letters mis-mailed to my brothers place. so i reckon i can ‘ignore’ it. ha. tho i think i will try and fuck with johnno about me being called up in his drug trial...that’s kinda funny. ahaahaa. naah i don’t really believe his ‘crime’ will go that far. just the other day i heard about a woman a few big-towns over was busted for sixty six plants...NOW she’s in the shit a bit deeper than awww poor johnno. still that’s funny to receive that letter now eh.

speaking of that wanker. they have a boarder paying one-fifty a week to live in their house and eat their food. he was one of the miners out at the what will be in the next five years a resurrected coal mine. will put this little town back on the more thriving country map [according to the town talk] time will tell eh. anyway he used to live at the pub. until the new publican thought he would get at the mining more by upping the weekly rent from two-fifty to three-fifty. yeaah greedy bastard got too much so. it was like a domino effect...the mining company stopped paying for the miners accommodation...so most of the miners moved out of the pub....less miners living at the pub = less beer drunk and less money lost to the pokies. greedy gouging prick sucked in to him.

funny, since i topped up the blue hornets transmission i have not noticed any more leakage. even swept and washed out the carport the other day and laid a big slash of flattened cardboard beneath it to keep an eye on the bleeding. cardboards still dry. maybe the hornet just needed a drink huh. dunno. now what i do know is that the rip off merchant at one of the general stores in town is making a fucking killing on her wares. saw the exact same litre of transmission oil for half the price in the next big town over. greedy gouging bitch but a good businesswoman huh.

aww fer fucks sakes...just because the match finished earlier than was expected tonight...they are doing a replay of roddick getting a butt spanking by some swarthy bloke from a non-english speaking background country. now i don't mind a-rod [look at me with the tennis groupie lingo ha.] but i nearly always like the under dog in life especially in sport. tho i do agree some of the women tennis players need to quit with the grunting on each stroke...that gets fucking annoying real quick. thank bugger for mute buttons. it’s nearly as annoying as seeing hewitt do that backwards duck beak gesture...now what the fuck is that all about...i’d like to see him loose control of his hand and have it peck him in the head. least he could jazz it up every now and again...i dunno, maybe do the devil horns. fucken tosser. aww crud...just heard the commentator cheerily say we are moving into the SECOND week.

shew, about bloody time...scrubs is on...i love scrubs and they do double episodes. whoohoo.

*back on tha lounge*
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