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Saturday, December 10, 2005

i am wondering...

if greaseproof paper is edible...surely hope so as i have a crapload of it invisibly stuck to the bottoms of my giant pastry rolls. what's the deal with it i thought it would alleviate the bottoms getting over browned. apparently not. oh well lashings of tomato sauce may help in the paper digestion. mmm minced meat and puff pastry is the best...especially when eaten with mashed spud, carrots and beans. be having a decent tea tonight we be. that's if they last that long i can hear my name being whispered from here.

the sun is beating down thru the wind. the birds are softly singing. no kids whining next door.

got onto an aussie site last night and purchased the LFB's christmas goody box...soon he will be scoffing into tim tams, monte carlo's, violet crumble bars, cadbury flake bars, assorted cream bickies and yaay they had the pavlova mix...he has to make them but this will test his baking skills...he adored our pavs...all that sweet gooeyness topped with strawberries cream and kiwi fruit. heehee he will be surprised...i can almost see his eye's lighting up from here. will be interesting to see if he shares with the rest of the hillbillie clan. he has a sweet gum...i'd like to say sweet tooth but then i would be lying lol.

haven't really done squat the last two days. in my case lethargy just breeds more lethargy. i go from the computer to the tele to a book and then i start the cycle all over again. did get some washing done...i can see it outside, still flapping on the clothesline been dry since yesterday. am reading a robert ludlum book that my dad slung me the other day along with a readers digest tho no police journal this time. already pored thru the digest from cover to cover and back again scavenging up just about every word printed.

so now the pastry rolls are screaming my name...i must go.
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