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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas crap and neighbours who don't fuck off.

So, here we are, back on the cusp of my next four days off. I think that in order to celebrate I will get so far off my face that I won't be able to think.

So what experiences did I have today *flicking back thru the brain cell pages*...

Got the next two months delivery roster/Christmas party invites out to the meal deliverers. Sent about three to myself since I seem to do the deliveries a hell of a lot...wonder if any of me reply.

...NO! piss off I don't wanna come to yer stinking chrissy party!...


I'd love to hear that screamed down my work phone by the invitee's [other than myself], but alas I don't reckon that will happen. Bloody party animals they are, well okay, not quite partaay. It’s a fine feast with a few party games thrown in, one of them being fuck-king bingo...I hate calling bingo. No use doing all the clickety clicks and two white ducks with this crowd [not like I would, I'd have to learn them all fer a start]...“Wwhaaaat number was thaaaat...whaaaat“. Fer gawd’s sake Belle turn yer fuken hearing aid up...then the afternoons activity will be ‘tha pirate game’. They love that, brings out the evilness in them...hmmm wonder if I shoulda sent the invites out on naughty porno santy paper.

So I noticed when neighbour Sally came to my front door and when we stepped outside...that the mud nest that I had left yesterday is like gone...huh *cocked head*. Checked along the wall in case I had the wrong part of zee valls...nope, not a skerrick of it left. Either the birds grew smart and removed and relocated it...or the good Doug did. Reckon its the latter aye.

So Sally didn’t get me hint. When not inviting in, it usually means I don’t wanna talk fer loooong *sigh* thank gawd I can still feign polite interest and form the ‘correct’ questions etc. Whilst wishing in my head that Sally would just STFU and piss off...pleeease. Its all that club work experience I suspect...stinking club! ha. If it wasn’t fer that line of work I reckon I could have made a bloody good role model of a recluse.

...damn them.

psst...thanks Babs that tip works a bloody treat.
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