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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Beating Up Birds.

I discovered the other day by happenstance, that I have three dirty bloody great big [well okay they weren't THAT big...but close eh] mud nests just outside my front door. Frigging birds why can't they take no for an answer. I mean it tweren't that long ago that I belted down the previous efforts with me trusty broom.

This time due to there being three nests I remained mostly protected inside. While I sabotaged their efforts with the longer handled broom. Maan them bastids came from everywhere. At least twelve were trying to get at me. Now before you besmirch me as a bird hater I’m not. I just would rather my visitors didn't have to put up with being attacked when they come to me front door or the back one [knocked one off the brickwork out there the other day].

Just to prove my non bird hating status I left the other one outside my bedroom window alone.

Perhaps the fly screen guy. YESSSS they sent out a bloke to quote [talkative little fella...STFU and measure me damn windows dude!]. Will be done before the nest building is completed. Think I'll get a pic tomorrow of it, dunno if it will be clear tho as I might be running...mean little bastids. Or more than likely the birds will have built, had avian sex given birth to their eggs, reared their babies and then be gone before flyscreen guy gets back to actually install the screens.

But hey, we can, *live in hope...live in hope*
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