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~got nothing but toejam~
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Monday, December 05, 2005

well ain’t i...

just one big ball of fucken fun and happiness.

if i had a baseball bat i’d be out there swinging it. at anything flying and making a noise whilst doing said flying...been listening to two christmas beetles making continuous attempts to get in my door. and now there be four. i think christmas beetles have mutated into a bigger noisier variety. i mean if they did it quietly. but nooo they get stuck in the one spot and keep spinning buzzily around.

anyway. made it out to the nephews eleventh [see, it was close to ten] birthday party. came home after about four hours...so i lasted a reasonable time. played cow paddock cricket after our barbeque lunch. trying to be mindful of the flora and fauna. could picture meself running fer a classic catch and tripping over a patch full of nettles into a brown snake...luverly...so i stayed pretty stationary plus wearing of thongs isn’t conducive to the running...can’t say the grumble bum side of me stayed hidden tho. oh well i guess shit happens and then you move on. perhaps my nephew can forget the image of his aunt getting the shits while waiting for him to stop muck arsing about and open the bloody door.

i am expecting a driver to call in this arvo. not looking forward to it exactly. especially as its mardge and she can be harder to shift along. sure be nice if she just stuck the stuff up in the centre...i just remembered that she has a key to it. she being the saturday doctor’s receptionist and all. fuck me! why didn’t i think of her doing that before. oh well will remember for future trips. maybe if i send out telepathetic thoughts...yes spelling is meant. i’m pathetic. but anyway. ha.

and dammit now the baby galahs have returned in my tree out the back. noisely waiting for their afternoon feed. all i can say is...they wanna hope they get fed before i can get onto the roof so as to launch meself off it at them. with clutching fingers outstretched, face contorted. screaaming shut the fuuuuck uppppp.

got the scullery maid coming up fer a farewell morning tea tomorrow. bought her a retirement card instead of a farewell one. she’ll be missed...yelling at me and anyone else to shut the effing door. funny old pom. she reminds my brother and i of miss prissy [?] from foghorn leghorn in looks...whhhhyyy yeeessss...also bought her a wall tile that had been hand painted with a frog dancing in tails and top hat amongst a pond scene...i found out that she would be doing some kitchen and bathroom remodelling hence retiling. remembered [onya to me] in my parents craft store about this particular tile. bewdie. i like buying stuff that fits. her being a collector of frogs also.

and once i find the canisters of film will do her up a mosaic of her and us at the daycare centre...i managed to sneak a few with her being the main focus. hard to do as her happy snap cam radar is nearly as good as mine. tho i did manage to get a few choice ones of her on our last bus trip outing. on the kids swings...reckon i have one or two of her lycra shod arse over lapping the rubber swing seat...oh yeaaah, thats right!...swing it fer me baby...uh huh.

anyway now i made meself kinda smile with that.
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