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Monday, November 28, 2005

Reality has set in.

Reality being, I have to go to stinking work tomorrow, probably why I have grown a travelling hump on my back and neck. My wheaty heat bag...which brings me around to that annoying beeping that my microwave emits when I haven't been quick enough to get 'whatever' out of the guts of it on the initial quick soft beep. I then get that accusatory longer reminder...beeeeeeeeeeeeep...and then a second and a third, depending how slow I am. I usually grouch at it...yes, yes alright!!...gives me the shits. But anyway...if I was a rockstar...somehow, I reckon I would shoot/trash microwaves and leave the teles alone.

Okay so anyway...*sigh*

**do I always have to space out my copied from a word doc post when I paste it in here...or is there a better way? :)
Posted by apositivepessimist :: 7:41 am :: 22 comments

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