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Thursday, December 08, 2005

cool beans...

everything seems to be working okay again here with the blogger/spot.

so here i be...once again on the cusp of my four days off.

got shopping tomorrow *deadpan face* but its not such a bad thing. haven't been fer a while it seems...and dammit i ran out of me chicken flavoured chips a loooong arse time ago...a buck seventy nine 'store owned brand' can't beat it, considering the 'name' brands are up to four bucks. fucken rip off merchants. and THIS time i will see if i can withhold on the scoffing of the lot in a matter of days. which is my want. funny i have always had this affinity fer packet chips...mmmm salt and vinegar oh how i adore thee...mind you if the flavour can't strip the top coating off yer tongue its crap in my books. many a time i got a thore tunge from me thalt and vinegar fetish.

had a storm earlier in the afternoon. the whipping wind and driving rain knocked a nest out of my backyard gum. i darted out during a lightnun break to see if it was an occupied one. it was. two little [thinking they were] sparrow babies. one bigger than the other and not but a few days old. i popped them into me wheelie bin then checked to see how me other nest was holding up. it was holding tight. then a thunder clap had me hop skipping it fer the flat. stoopid thunder...always jumps the crap outta ya when you have forgotten about it...lol.

so the brats from next door are inside...done with the daily trampoline bounce/whine fest. shew i don’t believe i have ever heard such whinging continuous caterwauling whilst two kids are playing. the thing that gets to me is that i never hear the kid told to quit with the whining. maybe the mum is locked inside hidden under her bed with the ear muffy things on blocking it all out. fer the three thousand and twenty third time i wish i was blessed with telepathy. now i know i could stand at my wall and screech about shutting the hell up but really that’s so not the done thing huh. perhaps i need to dig them baby birds out and use them as a...please stop whining, laugh, giggle but stop bloody whining...aimed directly at the brattiest one. hmmm me thinks i will need to get in sync with their bouncing rhythm.

had a nap this arvo. i like naps. especially when they are in bed...usually its on the two seater lounge with hairy legs [ha] sticking out over the lounge arm...been going to bed earlier the last few nights...whoa look at me with the sleeping before one am. good stuff...maybe i am coming back into the joyous zone...lol joyous...un fucken likely. but anyway at the moment its okay to be me...ask me again after i have hit the shops tomorrow...or tho the knowledge that there is a cheeseburger with my name on it at the end of the day does give me hope and strength.

popped into bobs therapy room...hadn’t been there fer awhile. i never catch anyone there tho. or perhaps they are hiding from me not wanting to play and all. lol. dammit next time i will tie a pot bud around me neck. to ward off the uptight and fucked and generate good happy feelings. did notice a particular message but enough said. fucktards are everywhere...occasionally even i like to be one.

anyway i got bonging and blog reading to do.

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