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Friday, December 02, 2005

Verbal Trash.

I will again be off the air because of another lightnun storm headed this way...thankfully [sometimes] they don’t always last fer too long...and when they do I placate myself with well [sometimes] I need to just step awaay from the internet BITCH!!. Willya just look at how I talk to myself. Fer shame.

I got the boy here tonight along with his little mate...so it is PIZZZZA I be making tonight for our tea. I make a dead tasty pizza yer see, even I say so meself...and fuck what anybody else says *snort*. Cripes I DO talk to myself a heap aye...[sometimes] I even do piss poor accents to myself as well...I can’t remember if I have admitted that before, never mind I do amuse thyself.

So I have bought these pills... [herbal and legal like]...nervaids. Supposed to be fer their sedative action. Well I dunno if you have to take them fer a while before you feel their full benefits, time will tell. I was chemist scribed them fer neck and face aches. I don’t feel so sore anymore so perhaps they are working...mind you it is in conjunction with a few cones as well.

And speaking of cones. The time is creeping up that I will soon have to withdraw from my potty habit...*wailing like a black veiled one*. I guess I will have to just get off my face on life eh...pfft...like THAT'S gunna fucken happen. Geez I may become more of a shut in. Oh well.

Okay, I typed that all last night and then the storm hit...but crap, I can't be arsed to go back and time date it correctly blah blah...so I will just carry on from here.

So I am going to my nephews birthday do on Sunday and I will not make excuses for myself not to go. I let myself get away with that sometimes too often. Thank gawd my sister knows and accepts how I am like plus she doesn't get upset/offended by me pissing off when I feel the need. I think he will be ten...how bloody good am I eh...can never remember ages of most of my nieces and nephews. When asked I always say “Ohh they're close to ten or close to five“...'close to' covers a wide age bracket.

It’s a great laundry day over here, sunny but windy. Heard the garbologist early this morning and yeah I forgot to put me garbage bin out last night and when I remembered the lightnun had started and buggered if I was going out in that. Would hate to think my last breath was beside a wheelie bin full of garbage...tho it would be kinda bloody funny...found beside a blown up wheelie bin with scatterings of waste scraps plopped all around and on me.

Anyway the washing machine needs its next load and I need a coffee and PERHAPS a wee cone [while I still can...hee]
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