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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Alrightee then.

Now I can just settle down and just enjoy the bliss of blogging again...so I am feeling pretty good at the moment...not necessarily to do with the cones either.

I noticed over the last coupla days I have been smoking just inside the door of the flat. Yes, yes I know I'm not allowed to but anyway...don’t let me rent your place I can’t be trusted [obviously]. But hell me ashtray is back outside fer the moment...I have to get used to going back out there. Bad me.

Funnily enough, I was just getting ready to post about not gunna blog no more about bugs in the hope/chance that they [the bugs] would leave me alone and so that I in turn could leave you alone and post about something other than bugs...then the changeover hit the fan.

Which made me realise perhaps I’m meant to post about me various bug adventures/stories. Ahaahaa *suffer in yer jocks*...and have I got some more fer you‘s...*grinnun with waggly eyebrows*...aww stop yer bloody groaning...how do you think I feel...since I pissed the skanky she devil of a goat lady away I got no more ‘consistent’ bitches other than the bugs.

So last night during the fantastic lightnun display I spied one of them bloody stick insect things attempting to break in thru the gap between the glass and screen door. I deterred it then got caught up watching the tele...so yep he got in. Now I’m aware they can’t hurt ya...but I still ain’t picking it up. I tried to get it out with the swatter...eventually it got really pissed off and flew/jumped somewhere. Didn’t see where it went as I was too busy doing that ughhh grunt whilst ducking and dancing me face out of the way.

I couldn’t find that thing no matter how much I looked and I did look...several bloody times.

This morning I hear this annoying scrabbling sound amongst some boxes on the desk in my bedroom, I get up and see them long friggin limbs. This time I just left it alone, figured, hell at least I can hear where its at. Later on this morning I spy it at the bottom of my bedroom door, later on in the afternoon to now...fucked if i know where it is. Sure hope it shows itself again in the next few days. Got the son staying here fer a few nights...will get him to pick it up remove it...I'm such a wozzie *cackle*.

And psst Gertie gecko is baaack.

He’s a stuck up little prick tho...never answered me “Hey there Gerts”

Anyway, now I want a smoke...so I’m going outside.
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